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Description of the programme

LingoFun offers English immersion camps helping young Polish participants break language and cultural barriers without going abroad.

If you are looking for an opportunity to try to develop your teaching skills, the programme may be a practical experience. However, it is also a good opportunity for those who would like to meet local people and other volunteers, explore new cultures and traditions or even pick up some Polish.

Throughout the week, participants take part in workshops, field trips, games, 1:1,  1:2, 1:3 speaking sessions, and more group activities, adding up to more than 70 hours of conversation, conducted fully in English.
As a native speaker your job will be to talk for the majority of the day in many different forms from one-on-one conversations, group activities, workshops, games to relaxing over a meal or a drink. The format of the conversations is not limited and you are free to talk about anything you like (excluding touchy topics, such as religion, politics etc., for obvious reasons)
We also encourage people to have their one-on-one conversations while enjoying a stroll, sporting, having tea or coffee, etc. The venue includes sporting facilities.
There is no classroom teaching. For every two Polish participants there is one native English speaker. Participants are encouraged to speak and have the opportunity to learn natural and authentic English from our volunteers, who in turn get to see the Polish countryside and learn Polish culture through contact with our participants.
Teaching qualifications or previous teaching experience not required.

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2022 summer dates of the camps are:

02-08 July 2022

08-14 July 2022




About the venue    


We offer free board and accommodation in two- or three bedded rooms with bathrooms and wireless internet in the Training and Education Centre in Wólka Milanowska which is a beautiful village, offering peace and quiet, fresh air, picturesque forest landscapes. Wolka Milanowska is located in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, between two of their highest rangest: Łysogórskie and Jeleniowskie, at the foot of the most visited mountain in Poland - the Holy Cross.

The hotel has a kitchen and a restaurant serving tasty homemade meals.
It offers training facilities, i.e. a conference room and the necessary multimedia equipment.
Outside, there are big, wooden gazebos equipped with chairs and tables, which will make it possible to carry out many activities and enjoy the campfire or barbecue outdoors even in the case of rainy weather.


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